ERCA and partners from the agricultural community established the Essex County Demonstration Farm (ECDF) at Holiday Beach Conservation Area in 1996. The farm demonstrates best management practices and innovative technologies that will conserve and protect soil health, maintain productivity, improve water quality and quantity, and illustrate that farming and the environment can coexist.

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Together with its partner organizations: the Essex Soil and Crop Improvement Association (ESCIA), Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Agri-Food and Agriculture Canada, and various private sector organizations, the ECDF has focused on demonstrating on-going issues and techniques within the agricultural community. It incorporates natural habitat demonstrations that reflect the diversity of ecosystems in the Essex region, and provides a forum for the agricultural community to work together and communicate innovative techniques to each other.

The Demonstration Farm provides a forum to exchange information on agricultural issues, crop varieties, nutrient management, genetically modified products, and best management practices (BMPs) to protect soil health and our environment.

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