Tree Planting

ERCA is widely recognized for its forestry program. Since our inception, we’ve planted more than 6 million trees in the Essex Region. Trees provide natural habitat for wildlife, protect soil from eroding, and improve water quality. Trees can improve home values, and if planted in strategic locations, can reduce heating and cooling requirements. Projects can range from 1 acre in size to much larger restoration projects. Qualifying landowners can also purchase trees each spring to plant themselves, or consider our full service program.

ERCA has a comprehensive Landowner Grant Program to assist landowners with between 75% and 90% of project costs.

Spring 2021 Tree Program


ERCA is able to help you reforest or plant more trees on your property through our Seedling Program. The program typically consists of of 1 and 2-year-old seedlings that are either bare roots or come in a plug of soil around their roots.

Large Stock

If you are interested in planting larger trees on your property, then the Spring Large Stock Program may be for you. ERCA offers 175 to 200cm tall native hardwood trees and 40 to 120cm tall evergreens and potted native shrubs.

FREE Tree Planting Workshop

2021’s Tree Planting and Care Workshop has not yet been finalized, but interested landowners should contact to be placed on a contact list. You will learn about the benefits of tree planting, available grants for landowners, different tree planting techniques, and much more.

Become a Partner In Sustainability

We are inviting business partners, big and small, to consider making a donation per unit of your product or service to support tree planting and restoration in our region.

Partners in Sustainability is also intended as a way for individuals to to reduce their carbon footprints by planting trees in our region.  A donation of $5 will plant one native seedling tree at a restoration site, allowing individuals and families to take climate action and reduce their carbon impacts through local tree planting efforts. Click here for more details.