Grants are available to improve the environment!

Essex Region Conservation works with public and private landowners across the region to improve the health of our watersheds. Programs such as tree planting, wetland creation projects, prairie and pollinator habitat and seed collection help to achieve our community goal of 12% natural areas coverage. Agricultural stewardship technical and incentive programs help to improve soil health while protecting water quality. Projects can range from a minimum of 1 acre up to 100+ acres in size. In many cases, we have grants available to help landowners implement these programs to share in the responsibility of a cleaner and healthier environment in the Place for Life.

Landowner Grants

Grants of up to 90% are available for projects to help improve water quality, reduce soil erosion, and increase natural areas cover.

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Tree Planting

Trees provide natural habitat for wildlife, protect soil from eroding, and improve water quality.

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Wetlands reduce flooding, improve water quality, supports a diversity of wildlife, and provide recreational opportunities.

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Restoring native plants is the first step in conserving our ecosystems.

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Seed Collection

Each fall, we collect seeds from local trees which we then replant in our region.

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Agricultural Stewardship

Grants are available for soil protection structures, windbreaks and buffer strips to help protect soil health and water quality.

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