A Risk Management Plan is a legally binding document that outlines any measures that may need to be taken by the landowner to help reduce the risk that a certain activity could contaminate municipal drinking water. If a Risk Management Plan is required, the RMO/I will provide a template and will work with you to create a plan that is appropriate for your property.

  • The plan focuses on prevention — it allows activities that are important to residents and business owners to carry on within vulnerable drinking water areas while at the same time ensuring the municipal drinking water source is protected.
  • The plan is site-specific – it is customized to suit the nature of the property, activity or business and can address multiple activities if necessary.
  • The plan includes and accounts for measures that are already in place – some people will only need to document what they are already doing to protect drinking water.

Risk Management Plans are being developed for both pre-existing significant drinking water threats and any new threats.  If you have a pre-existing threat, the RMO/I will be in contact with you directly. The RMO/I works closely with municipal Planning and Building staff to identify new threats before they are in place.  If you will be building or installing something that might be a drinking water threat, you will be asked to fill out S.59 (Restricted Land Use) application.