Colchester to Southeast Shoal Beach Nourishment Study

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Colchester to Southeast Shoal littoral cell is located in the western basin of Lake Erie, and stretches from Colchester in the west to the Southeast Shoal, which is located south of the forested tip at Point Pelee National Park. The shoreline has been highly modified by waterfront development (residential and commercial/industrial land uses) and features five harbours/marinas which have trapped approximately 4.3 million cubic metres of sand. Consequently, the shoreline south of Sturgeon Creek is experiencing a sand deficit and portions of the shoreline that were once stable are now eroding. This study will present concepts to maximize the benefits realized from the sand and gravel and minimize the negative impacts and costs in the littoral cell.

Download Colchester to Southeast Shoal Beach Nourishment Study.