Greening Gignac Park

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

residents planting trees

Windsor – The City of Windsor got a little greener today as more than 30 volunteers gathered to plant 50 large trees at Gignac Park. Volunteers included students from the Odette School of Business, staff from Price Waterhouse Cooper, the Windsor Police Service, and members of the community.

The trees were funded by local entrepreneur Sam Sinjari, whose previous acts of philanthropy have included providing turkeys to low income families through the Unemployed Help Centre and Downtown Mission, hosting meals for guests of the Salvation Army and Downtown Mission, hosting a Thanksgiving meal for international students at the Odette School of Business, and providing games for children in care at the Children’s Aid Society.

“I believe that every person in this community can create a positive impact,” says Sinjari. “Whatever you water will grow. No action is too small or too big because with every positive action there will always be a positive reaction. There’s a proverb that says the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago -the second best time in now.  Fundamentally, if we as community want to see sustainability, success and growth in the future of our city, the best time to act is now, together!”  Sam’s brother Mustapha Sinjari from Manor Windsor Realty also helped lead the planting.

The trees are a diversity of native hardwoods best suited for the wet, heavy clay soil conditions at the park including Burr Oak, Swamp White Oak, Sycamore, Swamp Maple and others. Trees help to improve air and water quality, and can reduce the impacts of flooding and climate change.  As well, access to natural areas has positive mental, physical and spiritual health benefits.

 “On behalf of the City of Windsor and all of the people who make this place their home, we are so grateful to Sam for his leadership in bringing this idea forward and seeing it through to fruition,” said Councillor Kieran McKenzie. “A remarkable transformation has taken place this morning at Gignac Park, which will be a legacy of a cleaner, healthier and greener future for generations to come.”

“Trees are identified as the most significant weapon in the fight against climate change, and hopefully others will be inspired by Mr. Sinjari’s leadership and generosity to undertake similar climate mitigation actions,” said Richard Wyma, ERCA’s General Manager.

Since 1973, Essex Region Conservation has been sustaining and enriching the environment of the Windsor-Essex-Pelee Island region to ensure it is the Place for Life.

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