ERCA formalizes Greenway Etiquette Guidelines

Monday, April 15, 2019

Greenway Cyclist

Essex Region – The Essex Region Conservation Authority has formalized its Greenway Etiquette Guidelines to promote best practices along the multi-use trail.

“Last year, we undertook a Greenway User survey to explore perspectives from various user groups,” explains Kevin Money, Director of Conservation Services. “After receiving more than 850 responses, we recognized we could improve communications about trail etiquette through information on our website, better signage and in-person forums.” This summer, ERCA intends to host a public forum to gain addition feedback from trail users.

The guidelines were approved by the Board of Directors on April 11. The Greenway Etiquette Guidelines can be found on the ERCA website. Some of the rules include refraining from use when the trail surface is soft, passing on the left, cleaning up after pets and ensuring they are kept on short leashes, cyclists yielding to horses and pedestrians, removing horse manure and others.

The survey was initially conducted in response to requests from the equine community to open the Cypher Systems Group Greenway to horses. Since the Chrysler Canada Greenway trail opened in the year 2000, horse access has been permitted along certain sections.

“As the Cypher Systems Group Greenway trail is narrower than the original greenway, we wanted to thoroughly investigate the potential impacts of opening this trail to horses, while ensuring rider safety,” Money notes. At the time, it was determined that after formalizing the Greenway Etiquette Guidelines and implementing them along the Chrysler Canada Greenway, the Board of Directors could revisit this request.

ERCA is also working on improved signage to communicate with trail users, which is expected to be installed within the coming months.  As well, it was indicated by administration that safe access points and a parking area that could accommodate horse trailers would be required along the Cypher Systems Group Greenway prior to opening it for use by equestrians.

As part of its ‘Place for Life’ fundraising campaign, the Essex Region Conservation Foundation has been working to raise funds to build community entrances. A fundraising campaign specifically for an entrance that would accommodate horse trailers, which would be located at County Rd. 15 in Essex, has also been launched.

“A community entrance that would accommodate horse trailers will cost approximately $50,000 to build,” adds Richard Wyma, Executive Director of the Essex Region Conservation Foundation. “In the past, we’ve been able to partner with organizations who recognize the value that our incredible system of trails bring to our community.  The Foundation is continuing to seek these partnerships.”  Anyone wishing to donate directly to help build this community entrance can visit for more information.

For more than four decades, Essex Region Conservation has been sustaining and enriching the environment of the Windsor-Essex-Pelee Island region to ensure it is the Place for Life.


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