Due to Covid-19, all in person hunting draws are suspended.  As new hunting draw processed are developed, they are posted on our website below.  Please pay attention to draw date deadlines.  To those hunters who currently receive emails from us, you will be emailed once this information is available. Thank you for your continued patience as we navigate this time.

Essex Region Conservation manages four waterfowl hunting areas, each with their own details and regulations.

Holiday Beach Waterfowl Hunting

Thank you to all hunters for a safe and successful waterfowl season. We will be providing information on 2021 opportunities in the summer. 

A PDF of full rules and regulations is available here

A Map of hunting blinds is available here

Deer Hunting

Registration for the draw closed on September 1st, 2020 and most hunting locations have been sold.  Staff are contacting hunters in order to sell the last remaining sites.  Thank you for your interest and participation in the 2020 Deer Hunting draw process.

ERCA has approximately 12 woodlots of varying sizes throughout the Essex Region that it rents to hunters with valid Ministry of Natural Resources permits in place to hunt White Tail Deer.  Hunting is permitted by ground or tree stands and is bow only – no guns.  10-24 acre woodlot – 2 hunters permitted, 25-49 acre woodlot – 3 hunters permitted, 50 acre plus – 4 hunters permitted. 

Full rules and regulations are available here 

Hunting Maps

An overview map of available hunting locations is available here

Big Creek Waterfowl Hunting

Thank you to all hunters interested in using our Big Creek Conservation Area for waterfowl hunting. 2020 hunters have been selected and issued permits. If you do not have a permit now, you were not successful for the 2020 season. We encourage you to review our other waterfowl hunting opportunities.

Full rules and regulations are available here 

A map of hunting blind locations is available here

Bid submission form available here

Hillman Marsh

Seasonal Blind Fee: $711.90 (taxes included)

Hillman Marsh Conservation Area rents approximately 17 seasonal waterfowl hunting blinds each year. Hunting will be permitted 6 days a week: Monday to Saturday from ½ hour before sunrise until 3 PM.  As of September 17, 2020 the following waterfowl hunting blinds are available: 5, 9, 17.  These blinds can be rented on a first come first serve basis.  To secure one of these blinds please email Kevin Money at, indicating the blind you are wanting to rent.

Full rules and regulations are available here 

A map of hunting blind locations is available here