Horseback riding is permitted on sections of the Chrysler Canada Greenway:

  • Between South Talbot Road and Concession 4, accessed via parking at Caesar’s Windsor Community Entrance. Directions here
  • Between Ferris Side Road and McCain Road, accessed via parking at Schwab Farms Community Entrance. Directions Here


  1. Walk or trot only. No galloping or cantering.
  2. Before coming onto the greenway, familiarize your horses with common trail encounters, such as; cyclists, dogs, strollers, etc.,
  3. Greet other users early. While, walkers, runners and cyclists should yield to horses, many trail-users can be intimidated by horses and/or don’t know what to do. Be friendly, communicate early, and be prepared to stop as they yield for you.
  4. Expect the unexpected. Small children, dogs, and even humans can be unpredictable or frightened by horses.
  5. Clean up after your animal. Horse manure must be removed from the trail.
  6. Stay on the grassed section if there is room.
  7. If you trailer to a designated Community Entrance that has facilities for horses, do not clean out your trailer in the parking area.

Click here for a map of horseback riding sections of the greenway.