In the Essex Region, we are fortunate to have more than 80 km of connected, safe, off-road greenway trails. These include the Chrysler Canada Greenway, the Cypher Systems Group Greenway, and the Rotary (1918) Centennial Hub. These trails were designed for multiple uses, including hiking, cycling, nature observation and in some areas, for horseback riding.

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Interested in distances between Greenway entrances? Use this map.

Greenways also provide a valuable wildlife and utility corridor. Therefore, to ensure a positive experience for all users and to preserve these facilities for years to come, please follow these etiquette guidelines.

What can you expect?

  • During some periods of the year, the trail is too soft for horse and cycling traffic and it ruins the trail surface. Please plan your trip by checking our website, facebook and twitter in early spring to ensure that the trails are open for horse and cyclist use.
  • When trails are open, greenway entrances will have a trail user yield sign displayed. When the trail is closed due to trail conditions the sign will say “Due to wet trail conditions, the trail is closed to equestrians and cyclists”
  • Conservation Areas are smoke free, and smoking is permitted only in designated areas, typically parking lots.
  • Be aware of ticks. Stay on the managed trail. For more information on ticks, please follow this link to the Windsor Essex Health Unit page on Ticks and Lyme Disease.

All users — please…

  • Obey trail signs and follow all posted rules or ordinances at any facility.
    • Greenways are only open during daylight hours.
    • Stay on the designated path and managed areas. Do not explore neighbouring forests, fields, or wetlands.
    • Motorized vehicles of any kind are not permitted on the greenways.
    • Use proper waste receptacles or take your garbage home.
    • Don’t pick any flowers or natural foliage along the trail.
  • Always show courtesy to all other Greenway users.
  • Stay to the right of the trail; pass on the left.
  • Do not take up more than half of the trail.
  • Remain in single file when trails are congested and in heavy use.
  • Listen for others. Headphones may impair your ability to hear and react to potentially dangerous situations, but please be mindful of your music volume.
  • Wear appropriate shoes and clothing for trail and weather conditions
  • Tell someone your itinerary.

If you’re travelling with a pet…

  • Keep pets on a leash at all times.
  • Immediately clean-up after your pet.
  • Keep your leashes short; less than three feet.
  • Provide plenty of room to allow faster trail users to pass.

Bicyclists — please…

  • Yield to pedestrians at all times.
  • Ride single file on the right of the trail.
  • Pass on the left, and always provide an audible warning when passing.
  • Slow down – excessive speeds are dangerous to everyone.
  • Wear a helmet.

Horseback riders — please…

  • Don’t Gallop or Canter on our trails – it is NOT permitted.
  • Manage your animals and don’t bring ‘green’ horses onto our trails. Familiarize horses with expected trail encounters, such as; cyclists, dogs, strollers, etc.
  • Greet users early. Walkers, runners and cyclists should yield to horses, but many trail-users can be intimidated by horses or don’t know what to do. Be friendly and communicate early with them.
  • Expect the unexpected. Small children and dogs can be unpredictable or frightened by horses.
  • Clean up after your animal. Horse manure must be removed from the trail.
  • Stay on the grassed section if there is room.
  • If you trailer to a designated Community Entrance that has facilities for horses, do not clean out your trailer in the parking area.