Property mapping is available through our GIS (Geographical Information System) services. This is an efficient tool for regulations, municipal planning, recreation, restoration projects and implementing watershed management priorities.

Digital aerial photos are available for viewing through the digital interactive mapping portals available from various municipalities.

Step 1: Launch the Map
Click the link below and select “Public”, then click the “Launch Map Viewer” button.

Step 2: Find your area of interest by zooming in on the map
By default you will be able to see whether you are in ERCA’s Limit of Regulated Area. Explore the available layers on the left to get further spatial information about your area of interest.

Qualifier: This interactive mapping is presented for visual reference only. Data represented should not to be considered as legal boundaries. Confirmation of actual boundaries of the Limit of Regulated Area would need to be field verified by ERCA staff to ensure compliance with the text based regulations as further detailed in the “Determination of Regulation Limits” reference manual located at the ERCA office.

Launch Mapping Tool

Frequently Asked Questions

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