Learn more about the:

The Homestead House

Learn more about the site’s location, history and the pioneers who lived here in the 19th century.

The Pear & Tulip Tree

Find out why these two trees have historic significance and how they were used in pioneer times.

Lake Erie

Discover the many uses of this fresh water lake today and 150 years ago.

Fox Creek

Explore the neighbouring wetland and learn more about the wildlife that inhabit this creek.

Trails at the Homestead

 Listen and find out what species you may find by taking a walk along our breathtaking trails.

The Heritage Garden / Apple Orchard

Learn more about the fruits and vegetables that are grown on this property.


Find out the important uses of this sawmill.

Blacksmith Shop

Discover the many things that were made in the shop.

The Homestead’s Outbuildings

Learn about these 4 buildings and their roles in the 1850’s.

Horse Barn

Find out how one of largest buildings on site is still being used today