This plan will propose recommended actions to reduce climate change risks and enhance coastal wetland resilience for long-term health, function, and the provision of wetland goods and services. This plan consists of three main goals, and phased objectives to achieve these goals:

Project Goals

  1. Employ a transformational adaptation approach to restore and enhance the Hillman Marsh barrier feature to withstand climate change extremes, protect the wetland ecosystem, and safeguard homes and businesses, with consideration of natural processes and conditions.
  2. Restore the wetland plant community within the approximate 145 hectares of open water behind the barrier feature to enhance wetland structure, function, diversity and resilience to climate change impacts using historical records and expert opinion.
  3. Make the restored and enhanced Hillman Marsh ecosystem accessible to all of society and future generations to enjoy.

Project Objectives

Phase 1: Reinforce the South headland at East Beach Road to prevent additional loss of land and to anchor a new barrier feature.

Phase 2: In consultation with the Steering Committee, develop a high-level adaptation and restoration plan for a barrier feature and for a diverse and functional wetland plant community.

Phase 3: Optimize the location, dimensions, composition, and methods of construction of the barrier structure, as well as the structure and functional composition of the wetland plant community through physical and numerical modelling of waves, hydrodynamics, and sediment transport to verify the stability and response of the barrier and wetland.

Phase 4: Construct a barrier to resist climate change impacts and provide community co-benefits by protecting the wetland ecosystem and surrounding homes, farms, and businesses. Restore wetland extent by restoring the structural and topographical heterogeneity, increase the number of functional wetland plant communities, and the increase the diversity of plant species as a key building block for enhanced wetland resilience to a changing climate.