Claire Wales, President

Claire Wales on a bicycle, on the Greenway

“I’ve walked through the Kopegaron Woods in springtime amazed by the millions of wildflowers bursting up from the forest floor, called screech owls in from the darkness on a cold clear night at Holiday Beach, cycled for miles in the brisk fall air on the Greenway Trails, planted sapling trees with dozens of schoolchildren in the mud and summer heat and humidity in the Solcz Family Forest, and watched small children’s eyes reflect sparks of wonder from the blacksmith’s forge at the John R. Park Homestead on a snowy winter day. The Foundation provides opportunities like these for all local residents to improve their physical and mental well-being as well as to contribute to the global fight against climate change. I can think of no better way to give back to our community than by contributing to the Essex Region Conservation Foundation.”

Brian Parent, Vice President

Brian Parent on his bicycle on the Greenway

“There’s nothing better than a relaxed evening ride on the trails, or early morning. We are fortunate to live in a community that values nature and it’s my hope that we are able to leave it a little better for the next generation. With so much of the world destroying its natural beauty, I am proud to be a part the Conservation Foundation who consistently work to making the Essex Region a better place to live and play.”

Susan Stockwell-Andrews, Past President

Susan Stockwell-Andrews on the Greenway on a sunny day

“This is my place for life, and while I love to explore the rest of the world, it’s Windsor-Essex-Pelee Island that always draws me back. I love riding the Greenway, visiting the John R. Park Homestead, and being part of creating forests and habitat, which is why I choose to support Essex Region Conservation.”

Amanda Gellman, Treasurer

Windsor-Essex has been my home for the past 25 years, and I just love it here.  I live in Windsor and have also had a home in Colchester since 2001 so I feel that I know the region quite well.  I was very excited to join the Essex Region Conservation Foundation Board as I truly believe in its good work, on behalf of all residents and future generations.  My family truly enjoys the walking trails and natural beauty of the area, and we like to brag to friends from afar about the amenities available to us.  Supporting the Foundation is indeed my honour!


  • Meghan Boschin, Director
  • Pearl Davies, Director
  • Suzanne Dajczak, Director
  • Terry Fink, Director
  • Eric Naylor, Director
  • John Omstead, Director
  • Terry Patterson, Director 
  • David Robins, Director
  • Tony Rosati, Director
  • Dan St. Denis, Director
  • Ken Schmidt, Honourary Life Member
  • Molly Allaire, ERCA Ex Officio 
  • Angelo Marignani, ERCA Ex-Officio
  • Tim Byrne, Executive Director / Secretary