Explore the human and natural history of our region with our education team!

Day in the Life

cartoon characters in front of the John R. Park Homestead

Travel back in time to the 1850’s to spend a Day in the Life at the John R. Park Homestead!

Choose from one of three historical Homestead characters and get a glimpse of what their lives were like. Make choices as the characters to determine how they spend their day. Use the Day in the Life Diary page to keep track of your decisions.

Canada Plates / Mystery Animal

A 28-million-year-old beaver fossil was found in Oregon - Business ...

First, check out this video by John R. Park Homestead Curator Kris Ives, where she tells us about a special plate collection that celebrates Canadian heritage. Then, enjoy two activities!

Make-Your-Own Canada Plates: The artist who made the design on the Furnival plate drew symbols that he felt represented Canada – the Maple leaf and the beaver! If you were asked to design a pattern that celebrated Canada, what symbols would you choose? Use the worksheet provided (a blank piece of paper works too!) and draw your design!

Draw a ‘Mystery’ Animal: What would it be like to draw something you had never seen before? The artist drew the image of a beaver based on the descriptions he heard from other people. Try it yourself with a partner using this worksheet!