In an effort to support our local families and educators, Essex Region Conservation is proud to present this collection of educational materials so that our community can continue to learn and grow in the Place for Life.

Virtual Education Programs

Looking for virtual field trips to do with your class? Check out this PDF of our virtual program offerings.

Environmental Education

Explore the natural world right in your own backyard!

Human and Natural History

Explore the human and natural history of our region with our education team!

Everything About Energy (in Essex County, Ontario)

Written by Cara Braun, a student at Leamington District Secondary School, all about Energy teaches students about energy and its relation to climate change, as well as how we use energy locally here in Essex County. It also encourages students and their families to be mindful of their own energy use, through the completion of a home energy audit and application of energy saving strategies. Click here for the PDF lesson plan.