Garlic Mustard Pull

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Garlic Mustard Pull

Help is needed to pull garlic mustard at Hillman Marsh Conservation Area on Thursday May 3 2018. Garlic mustard is an invasive species that out competes native wildflowers by stealing light, nutrients, moisture, soil and space. This is devastating for native species as wildlife and insects rely on those early flowering plants for food and habitat. Further, garlic mustard can excrete a toxin into the soil that negatively impacts mature trees in a forest. As there are no natural predators for this invasive plant, and it reproduces quickly, they can spread quickly and take over sections of a habitat.

The event will run from 5 to 7pm, registration is required. Volunteers should wear appropriate clothing, long pants and shirts are recommended with sturdy close-toed footwear. Equipment will be provided, but we suggest bringing your favourite garden gloves and knee pads along!

For more information contact Gina at 519-776-5209 ext. 245 or e-mail