Fall Seed Collection Workshops

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Fall Seed Collection Workshops

Calling all tree enthusiasts! Help ERCA’s Certified Seed Collectors this fall gather seeds for our future trees!

Windsor-Essex County is part of the most biodiverse areas in all of Canada, the Carolinian Life Zone, and is home to just over 70 native trees and shrubs that create unique forested landscapes and habitat. While the Essex Region Conservation Authority has planted more than 6 million trees and achieved 8.5% natural areas coverage, more action is needed to reach our 12% target by 2020. One way to achieve this is by continuing to plant trees, but it is also critical for growers to have a consistent supply of healthy, viable native woody plant seeds with locally adapted genetics. In Southern Ontario, seed collection can be challenging due to inconsistent year to year seed production, mis-identification of species, seeds provided that are from unidentified locations or generally poor quality seed to start tree seedlings from for the new season.

As part of ERCA’s annual seed collection program, the public is invited to register for the opportunity to assist ERCA’s Certified Seed Collectors at two workshops hosted at Camp Cedarwin in Kingsville. Workshop attendees will learn how to identify targeted tree species that produce high quality seed, collect sustainably from these trees, test viability from the collection as well as process, clean and prepare seed for shipping. When the annual seed collection program is complete, ERCA staff send to a partner nursery to grow into seedlings for repurchase in 1 to 3 years and use in restoration projects. Some of the target tree species include Shagbark Hickory, Red Oak, Bur Oak, Pin Oak, White Oak, American Sycamore, Red Osier Dogwood, Nannyberry, Elderberry and more.

Participants are asked to register in advance due to limited spots available. Additional information will be provided upon registration.

Tree Seed Collection Workshop #1 (Tree ID, Collecting and Forecasting)

Date: Tuesday October 9 2018

Time: 4:30pm to 6:30pm

Location: Camp Cedarwin Sawmill Lodge



Tree Seed Collection Workshop #2 (Tree ID, Collecting, Forecasting, Viability Testing, Processing and Cleaning, Storage)

Date: Saturday October 13 2018

Time: 10am to 4pm

Location: Camp Cedarwin Peach Lodge and the ERCA Shop in Essex

Note: for this workshop it is advised that participants are able to drive their own vehicle to the Camp and ERCA Shop for seed cleaning.


For more information please contact Gina Pannunzio, Partnerships and Outreach Coordinator at 519-776-5209 ext. 245.