Escape Room at the John R. Park Homestead

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Escape Room at the John R. Park Homestead

Join us on September 24th for an escape room at the John R. Park Homestead!

You have been invited to the Homestead for dinner by the Park Family. Before dinner, you are hosted in their parlor. The evening is going well, everyone is having an enjoyable time. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door! It is Mr. Park’s purser, George Leroy coming to claim this week’s manifest. Mr. Park goes to retrieve it and finds it is missing! George Leroy assumes you are the culprits and intends to turn you over to the authorities. He and Mr. Park request that you remain in the parlor until the constables arrive. You will have one hour; can you find the manifest and clear your names?

Sessions must be booked in advance, maximum of 8 participants per session. Sessions begin at  3:00 pm with the last one starting at 9:00pm. There are a total of 5 sessions available.

To book your session please visit:

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Note: this event is targeted towards an older audience.