A Mystery at the Homestead

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A Mystery at the Homestead

Join us on September 25th for a Mystery at the Homestead. We need your help! Something strange is happening here, doors are being left open, artifacts are being moved, the house has seemed to come alive at night.

When we close the historic house every night, it is set perfectly, and everything placed where it belongs. Then in the morning, we find everything out of place! Its as if someone is living in the house as if it were the year 1850! Can figure out who or what is causing the house to change at night? We think it may be caused by a specific artifact; we want to remove that artifact so that the house stays in order!

Join us for the Mystery at the Park Homestead and see if you can help our curator.

Admission for this event is as follows:

Adults: $8.00, Children (Ages 3-12): $6.00, Seniors (65+): $6.00, Family (Max 6 People): $30.00

Pre-registration is required for this event. Tickets are available here