Preserve the John R. Park Homestead During the World’s Largest Day of Generosity!

The historic home of John and Amelia Park turned 180 this year! The beloved American Greek Revival Home has seen 180 summer seasons, over 130,000 sunrises and sunsets, 360 spectacular migrations, and so much more

The John R. Park Homestead has been welcoming visitors as a museum and conservation area since 1978. This unique 19 acre property on the shore of Lake Erie is used extensively to provide experiential, curriculum-connected outdoor education programs for students; it attracts tourists to our area and it preserves and interprets the history of our region for nearly 20,000 visitors annually.

But, these nearly 200 year-old buildings require extensive restoration work to ensure that they will be maintained for decades to come. While the connection to Lake Erie is one of the most extraordinary experiences available at the Homestead, it also exposes the historic building to its wicked storms, leading to deterioration of these precious pieces of our shared history.

The Homestead needs your help now to ensure it is preserved for the future.  

Generations of visitors love the John R. Park Homestead. How many family photos have been taken in front of the iconic horse barn? How many shoulders have the maple syrup yokes sat upon? How many children have watched with amazement as the blacksmith shaped iron over the red-hot fire?  How many families have sat on the porch overlooking Lake Erie, just like the Park family did nearly two centuries ago? 

We need your help to protect and preserve these invaluable resources, and ensure the next generations have these same memory-making opportunities.   

The Park Family’s Homestead  

The historic home is the most precious original artifact in the Homestead’s collection, and the centerpiece of the site’s education programming. The eleven outbuildings that comprise the Park family’s homestead are all part of the story of life in the 1850s and help bring the experience to life. 

Built on the shores of Lake Erie and vulnerable to its wicked storms and relentless weather events, these buildings require skillful repair and detailed repainting in a manner consistent with their historical significance.  The buildings require renewal and restoration in a number of areas, including significant foundation work, structural repairs, replacement and repair of windows and doors and more.  

Your Help is Urgently Needed  

A comprehensive architectural review has been undertaken and wee know in detail all the work required to ensure the Homestead can be protected and preserved. But, nearly $1 million of work is required to the twelve buildings that comprise of the John R. Park Homestead Conservation Area, with nearly $400,000 needed immediately.  

We’re off to a good start with reserve funds and gifts from generous donors like you totaling $250,000, but need your help to ensure the Homestead is protected long into the future.   

Every dollar matters, and your donation will make a big difference in helping restore the Homestead! This #GivingTuesday, please give generously to ensure this precious community resource can be protected and restored. 

Your gift will help complete these urgent repairs, restoring the Park Family home to its original glory – ensuring the stories of our past can be preserved and shared for another two centuries!  

And, on #GivingTuesday – you can double your impact! An anonymous donor and ERCF President Claire Wales have jointly committed to matching up to $20,000 in gifts to ensure the Homestead can be restored and preserved!

Ps – Love it? Protect it forever! A gift in your will can have a tremendous impact in ensuring the Homestead will be here for people to love and learn from for generations to come. Want to learn more? Contact us at