John and Amelia Park’s stately home turns 180 years old next summer, and needs your help!

This beloved American Greek Revival Home will have seen 180 summer seasons, over 130,000 sunrises and sunsets, 360 spectacular migrations, and so much more!

The John R. Park Homestead has been welcoming visitors as a museum and conservation area since 1978. This unique 19 acre property on the shore of Lake Erie is used extensively to provide experiential, curriculum-connected outdoor education programs for students; it attracts tourists to our area and it preserves and interprets the history of our region for more than 20,000 visitors annually.

A significant investment has been made at the site in creating a new $1.5 million Heritage & Conservation Centre. However, the historic home, which was built by John Richardson Park and family in 1842 is the most precious original artifact in the Homestead’s collection. It is a centerpiece in the site’s education programming, is in need of significant restoration to ensure it can be preserved for the next generations.

Built on the shores of Lake Erie and vulnerable to its wicked storms and relentless weather events, the entirety of the exterior of the historic home is showing signs of decay, and requires skillful repair and detailed repainting in a manner consistent with its historical significance. Specialized carpentry and refurbishment work is also needed to replace and repair the wooden eaves troughs and eave details to continue to protect this historic home in its original state for students and visitors to enjoy long into the future.  There are a number of wooden windows requiring repair, and replacement of the iconic front porch, which not only offers incredible views of Lake Erie, but also is a central feature in so many family photos for generations of people in this region.

The estimate for this type of specialized restoration and preservation work is in the order of $175,000.

Your gift will help complete these urgent repairs, restoring the Park Family home to its original glory – ensuring the stories of our past can be preserved and shared for another two centuries!