The Essex Region Conservation Foundation (ERCF) was established in 1977 to receive and maintain funds for charitable, educational, conservation and heritage purposes related directly or indirectly to the conservation, restoration, development and management of natural and heritage resources in the Essex Region.  The funds we raise are critical to ensuring that the Windsor-Essex County-Pelee Island region remains the Place for Life.


The Essex Region is a sustainable, resilient and vibrant place with healthy and thriving watersheds, Great Lakes and a green culture.


Improving our environment to enrich our lives.

Our charitable registration number is 118902162RR0001.

The Place for Life

The Place for Life is a region with connected natural areas. A place with healthy rivers and streams, beaches you can swim in, and lakes you can fish in. Greenways and trails that connect you to each other and to the landscapes around you. A place with productive agricultural lands. A sustainable place that is resilient and can adapt to change.The Place for Life reinforces that all elements of a place are interconnected – our community, its environmental health, healthy lifestyles for our citizens and our economy.

Our Fundraising Priorities

Essex Region Conservation Foundation is presently raising $1 million dollars to support four pillars which make our region the Place for Life:

  • Connecting our community by trails
  • Greening our region
  • Inspiring future generations through outdoor education
  • Preserving our heritage.

Learn more about how you can become more involved in the Place for Life.

Our Assurance

In 2015, the Foundation achieved prestigious accreditation from Imagine Canada’s Standards Program for Charitable and Non-Profit Organizations.  Meeting these highest standards will inspire confidence among our donors and partners.  Imagine Canada is a national umbrella organization that establishes operating and governance guidelines for charities and non-profits that demonstrate excellence in board governance; financial accountability and transparency; fundraising; staff management; and volunteer management.

The Foundation is also a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and adheres to the AFP Code of Conduct.

Our Board

The Essex Region Conservation Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of volunteer dedicated to enriching our region as the Place for Life.President – Susan Stockwell Andrew

Vice President – Claire Wales

Past President – Ken Schmidt

See our full list of Board Members.

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can get involved in enriching and sustaining the Place for Life!Share your photos, participate in one of our many events, visit a conservation area, plant a tree as a gift that honours or help us achieve our most pressing fundraising needs.

Visit the Place for Life to learn more.

Save Our Steam Engine

The John R. Park Homestead is the only agricultural living-history museum west of London. It connects people with their heritage, and was voted the best heritage site in Windsor-Essex.With the fall storm season quickly approaching, we urgently need your help.  The sawmill is one of the site’s buildings that tell the story of life in the 1850s.  Its roof is leaking, compromising the steam engine and other artifacts inside.  Made mainly of cast iron, it is vulnerable to corrosion.   If we don’t act now, these important artifacts, which help to tell the story of our region’s heritage, could be lost forever.

YES – I want to help to ensure that this important part of our past is protected for another 40 years!

The 1885 steam engine-powered sawmill needs a new roof to protect it from further deterioration.

Sawmill Roof at John R. Park Homestead