Phone: 519-776-5209
Toll Free: 1-888-487-4760
Fax: 519-776-8688
General Inquiries:
Individual ERCA Staff may be reached by email by simply clicking on their name in the tables below.

(Note: Some staff utilize the general administration email account: For those staff, it is important to ensure that the subject line of your email message contains the name of the intended recipient in order to ensure proper forwarding.)

Name Title Extension
Tim Byrne Interim General Manager/Secretary-Treasurer 350
Watershed Management Services
Name Title Extension
James Bryant Interim Director, Watershed Management Services 246
Sydney Clackett Regulations Technician 216
Tom Gutpell Engineering Technologist 344
Ashley Gyori Regulations Analyst 247
Dan Jenner Regulations Coordinator 359
Summer Locknick Surveyor/Technical Assistant 349
Tian Martin Watershed Engineer 304
Vacant Senior Watershed Planner  
Laura Neufeld Regulations Technician 214
Conservation Services
Name Title Extension
Kevin Money Director, Conservation Services 351
William (Bill) Tate Superintendent, Operations 362
Kathryn Arthur Restoration Biologist 303
Tim Baxter Conservation Area Technician 379
Michael Dick Agricultural Technician 369
Rob Davies Forester 310
Russ Jones Conservation Area Technician 379
Dan Lebedyk Biologist/Ecologist 409
Bevin Martin Conservation Area Technician 379
Devin McCann Assistant Superintendent, Holiday Beach Conservation Area 379
Claire Sanders Climate Change Specialist 388
Katie Stammler Water Quality Scientist/Project Manager, Source Water Protection 342
Mackenzie Porter Watershed Research Technician 340
Samantha Dundas Watershed Research Technician 343
Craig Irwin Watershed Data Technician
Risk Management Official/Inspector Risk Management Official/Inspector
Jacqueline Serran Detroit River Remedial Action Plan Coordinator 356
Community Outreach Services
Name Title Extension
Danielle Stuebing Director, Communications & Outreach Services 352
Peter Baldwin Communications & Events Specialist 367
Kris Ives Curator/Education Coordinator 519-738-2029
Gina Pannunzio Partnerships & Outreach Coordinator 245
Jessica Rose Environmental Educator  308
Samantha Keller
Interpreter 519-738-2029
Aaron Zimmer
Multimedia Specialist 366
Corporate Services
Name Title Extension
Shelley McMullen Director, Finance & Corporate Services/Interim Chief Financial Officer 348
Tom Dufour Geomatics Technician 378
Beth Johnston Finance and HR Administrator 357
Nicole Kupnicki Human Resources Manager 354
Lisa Pavan Administrative Associate: Corporate Services 346
Bryan Schmidt Application Support Technician 372
Essex Region Conservation Foundation
Name Title Extension
Tim Byrne Interim Executive Director, Essex Region Conservation Foundation 350